ASK Chemicals – Sustainability Strategy

ASK Chemicals sets out sustainability strategy and goals to reduce environmental impacts

Source: ASK Chemicals

ASK Chemicals Group, a global supplier of high-performance industrial resins and materials, has announced its sustainability strategy and targets. On the way to climate neutrality in 2050, ASK Chemicals will steadily reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, such as by decreasing its Scope 2 emissions by 30% until 2030. As part of its sustainability strategy, the company is continuously working to improve its environmental footprint, for example by implementing closed water cycles. ASK Chemicals’ sustainability strategy covers all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and corporate governance.

In a true bottom-up approach, various departments appointed internal experts to spearhead the initiative and establish a sustainable strategy based on a thorough materiality analysis. This assessment identified the most significant positive and negative impacts ASK Chemicals Group could address in order to create an effective and achievable ESG roadmap. The strategy is receiving the full support of the ASK Chemicals Group’s management, "We are happy and motivated to have achieved this important milestone - an important step forward to further strengthen ESG within our company," says Jens Müller, CTO at ASK Chemicals and responsible for ESG. Dr. Müller continues, “We will now transfer our strategy into the different regions as a holistic global approach, of course with adjustments to local challenges and consonant with cultural diversity.”

The company's primary focus on sustainability is closely linked to efficiency, as efficient chemicals and materials make a significant contribution to reducing raw material inputs and emissions. This applies not only to ASK Chemical Group’s internal manufacturing processes, but also to R&D and product development. Leading environmentally-friendly innovations, such as INOTEC, ECOCURE BLUE PRO or MAGNASET 2.0, follow this approach and stand out for their efficiency and contribution to sustainable foundry operations.

"Our sustainability strategy demonstrates ASK’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and ensuring responsible business practices." states Frank Goede, CEO of ASK Chemicals Group. "I’m very proud to see that our efforts and achievements are creating a solid foundation and paving the road for a global sustainable strategy for ASK Chemicals Group going forward.”

Source: ASK Chemicals