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System solutions for brake disc casting - Due to the continuing adaptations to and tightening of the environmental specifications, the number of restrictions regarding the core production processes used so far keeps rising, and these processes can often only be adapted by means of cost-intensive measures.

Source: ASK Chemical

The use of inorganic core binder systems provides an appropriate alternative for the purpose of reducing emission and odor pollution that was implemented in groundwork carried out by ASK Chemicals together with a foundry. Brake disc cores for casting with cast iron were produced with the modified INOTEC™ inorganic binder system. Adaptations with respect to the INOTEC™ promoters and coatings used were made in several test series in order to adapt them to the respective system properties.

The optimization of the process and the production parameters is now to be continued in further test series, using the results that were achieved in iron casting as a basis. The undisputed goal is to find a system solution with process reliability for inorganic binders in order to apply these binders in iron foundries in a process-consistent manner in the future. ASK Chemicals also offers system solutions for conventional organic binders to the effect that all components are coordinated to the respective mold material and the material as well as to the existing equipment and systems and their peripheries. Furthermore, the coating used is of extraordinary importance for brake disc cores in particular, so that it, too, is included in the system solution in combination with highly refractory additives.

In the area of metallurgy, ASK Chemicals and its other partners also offer continuing system developments of complex inoculants in the form of ladle, pouring stream and mold inoculants and inoculation wire as well as combination filters (mold inoculation and filter) for use in iron casting.

The application engineers and sales force employees of ASK Chemicals give the customers advice on how to ensure consistent casting quality in their production processes. This is done by means of competent application consultancy, joint system developments and process optimization.

Source: ASK Chemicals