Do Not Miss a Moment: High‐speed Thermography in Full Resolution with over 1,000 Hz - ImageIR® 8300 hs – Measurement of fast processes combined with highest precision and futureproof flexibility.

Source: InfraTec GmbH

InfraTec's camera series ImageIR® stands for infrared cameras with cooled focal-plane array photon detectors, which meet the highest demands on geometric, thermal, and temporal resolution and at the same time offer excellent measurement accuracy.

The ImageIR® 8300 hs extends this series with a new generation of high-speed infrared cameras. Combining the image format of (640 × 512) IR pixels with the exceptionally high frame rate of 1,004 Hz sets new standards. It allows thermographic images of excellent quality, even of extremely fast moving objects or highly dynamic thermal processes. Thus, exactly the moment that matters is captured with absolute precision, displayed with high resolution, and precisely measured thermally.

Use of the latest detector technology
The newly developed high-end thermography system from InfraTec is based on an innovative detector: T2SLS with HOT long-life technology. A complex semiconductor quantum structure forms the basis for this system, whose electro-optical properties are optimised exactly to the desired requirements. It offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio starting at relatively high operating temperatures of about 130 K resulting in lower wear and tear on the cooling system. Thus, this thermographic camera requires significantly lower cooling capacity than conventional models, which typically operate at 77 K. This results in less stress on the integrated Stirling cooler, which in turn increases the lifetime of the camera compared to other cooled cameras. Another special feature of the ImageIR® 8300 hs is the relatively large area of the individual detector elements, which are arranged in a grid (pixel pitch) of 25 µm. The sensitivity of the detector is therefore particularly high, which means that short integration times and high frame rates can also be used for measurement objects with low temperatures.

Source: InfraTec GmbH