SF-HP – streamfinish takes on larger loads - The SF-HP is the latest member of the SF-Series and the world's only stream finishing machine for the surface finishing of large and heavy workpieces. With the proven OTEC Streamfinish-DNA!

Source: OTEC

Like the entire SF-Series, it therefore ensures smoothing, high-gloss polishing, edge rounding and deburring in a single operation, in just a few minutes and without damaging the contours of the workpiece. Due to the path-controlled motion sequence, it is possible to target and process individual areas of a workpiece particularly intensively.

The SF-HP enables extremely fast and economical machining with absolute repeat accuracy due to the high machining forces. The SF-HP offers the most efficient, stable and, at the same time, innovative machining solution compared to conventional processes.

Typical applications for the SF-HP are large and heavy workpieces with a length of up to 650 mm, 650 mm diameter and a weight of 200 kg. Typically, these are workpieces from the aerospace, mechanical engineering, tooling, energy, oil and gas, shipbuilding or food industries.

The OTEC innovation, PULSFINISH, is part of the standard equipment! The process principle of the patented pulse drive is based on the precisely defined and recurring movement intervals between media and workpiece in short succession. This makes it possible, for example, to deburr, round off and smooth from Rpk 0.3 μm to Rpk 0.1μm in a single work step in just a few minutes. The tribological surface properties are improved, which means friction and wear are reduced.

Source: OTEC