Easy as barrels in the sand - Safe as an emergency pit according to VDG.

Source: Silmeta Systems GmbH

40 years of experience in the construction of emergency collecting pits and, above all, the further development of melting plants as well as their periphery have shown that although furnace breakouts have become less frequent, the leakage of small quantities of melt tends to increase. In addition, there is also hydraulic fluid. Therefore, maintenance of the pits must be simple, cost-effective, accurate and, above all, documentable.

The modular emergency pit from Silmeta Systems GmbH shows unique advantages:

  • Each component can be stored practically as a spare part or is already available in the foundry.
  • Unlike a ladle, replacement takes place without preheating and immediately when required.
  • Escaped melt can be easily removed together with the container (module) immediately after solidification.
  • After leakage of hydraulic fluid or/and in case of extreme contamination, the module can be cleaned by means of the high-pressure cleaner - from the outside to the inside! Afterwards, practically the full water and water vapor permeability is available again.

Silmeta Systems GmbH will show all this and more in true size on a 4-ton system at GIFA 2023 in Hall 10 Booth B38.

Source: Silmeta Systems GmbH