YXLON Upgrades - Keep Your YXLON X-ray and CT Inspection Systems Up to Date

Source: YXLON International GmbH

An essential aspect of our YXLON International GmbH Service strategy is the provision of comprehensive upgrade packages and pathways for our industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems in the market. 

With the latest upgrade and conversion kits, your inspection system always remains in state-of-the-art condition, able to fulfill the rapidly evolving inspection demands and testing specifications of your industry. Your system’s lifespan is significantly prolonged, and you benefit from a true value-added asset. 

With YXLON International GmbH Upgrades you don’t need to give any more thought to further technical developments because we’re here to take care of that for you.

We distinguish between the following types of updates/upgrades:

Software updates to increase image quality and operating comfort
Hardware upgrades to ensure operational reliability
Digital conversion kits to increase detail detectability and inspection precision
System conversion kits to optimize inspection speed

Depending on the scope and specifications involved, you receive upgrades in BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM packages.

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