Zalewa Tec - First project

The first project on printed models for the prototype hand molding shop has been successfully completed. Zalewa Tec printed the model on an S-Max from ExOne and is therefore made of quartz sand bound with furan resin.

Source: Zalewa Tec

The object was then infiltrated with a resin, subjected to a thermochemical treatment, the surface polished and then painted with a resistant material.

Using the printed sand core as a model for the molding shop, Zalewa Tec manufactured the casting in the lower right corner of the picture. The pipe elbow made from an aluminum alloy is within the dimensional tolerances and has a surface quality that is also to be expected with wooden or plastic patterns.

No statements can yet be made about the durability of such models; none of these models has yet reached the wear limit. However, Zalewa Tec expects that at least 100 impressions will be possible.

In the future, this development will be further accelerated towards models for jolt press, shoot press and air flow compression molding systems. The printing of core boxes for the production of small numbers of cores on core shooters is realistic and planned for the future.

Source: Zalewa Tec