Blasting abrasive preparation

The continuous blasting abrasive preparation of circulating blasting abrasives in a blasting system must fulfill several goals:

  • Separation of the resulting mixture from particles of the blasting material, such as pouring burrs, sand, scale, etc., so as not to impair the blasting agent transport and the blasting result
  • Separation of blasted abrasive substances such as scale or quartz sand to minimize system wear (very important for systems in a foundry)
  • Separation of hazardous substances in the form of dusts in order not to endanger occupational safety and the environment
  • Separation of defective grains and fine-grained fractions below the usable grain size to ensure the desired blasting result

The blasting media are separated using magnetic separators and cleaned by air classifying in the air flow.

The quality of the treatment, often referred to as abrasive cleaning, is an indispensable prerequisite for the consistent quality of the blasting result and safe and economical plant operation. To ensure this operating state, not only a system design that meets the requirements, but also careful and regular maintenance is absolutely necessary.

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