Vacuum Impregnation Equipment

The decision on the style of equipment is determined on what fits best in your manufacturing environment and supports your impregnation process. Today there are a variety of impregnation systems available. Systems vary in size, flexibility, controls (manual or automated), integration with upstream or downstream processes.

Both manual and automated systems generally have the same four components:

  1. Vacuum / pressure autoclave
  2. Drainer / centrifuge unit
  3. Washing / rinsing station
  4. Curing station

Manual VacuumImpregnation Systems
The manual systems (Fig. 1, Godfrey & Wing) represent modern technology with a smaller footprint. These systems are cellular or lean in design, focused on conserving resources including labor, power and floor space while being very ergonomic. The individual stations are loaded from the front, eliminating the need for overhead hoists and cranes. These systems impregnate smaller load sizes or single components per impregnation cycle. This allows reduction for efficient and effective process times and the cleanliness of the components is much better than with batch systems.  

These systems can process parts as large as V-8 engine blocks and transmission cases. The lean footprint of these systems allows them to be integrated with other operations, such as machining of leak testing. This integration allows for continuous production flow and elimination of WIP. The DVP and DV, impregnation processes can be used in a modular system.

Automated VacuumImpregnation Systems
An automated system (Fig. 2, Godfrey & Wing) takes it one step further. This impregnation system is front loading as well but operated with a robot. Like manual systems, robotic impregnation systems process parts individually. Robotic systems offer shorter cycle times and eliminates any variation in process associated with labor. DVP and DV impregnation processes can be used in a robotic system.

When selecting which style of equipment to purchase, consideration should be given to:

  • WIP
  • Logistics
  • Handling
  • Throughput
  • Maintenance
  • Allotted space
  • Pressure test strategy
  • Manufacturing strateg


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  • Fig. 1 Manual vacuum impregantion system (Godfrey & Wing)
  • Fig. 2 Automated vacuum impregnation equipment (Godfrey & Wing)