Low-pressure casting plant

Casting machine for the production of castings according to the low-pressure gravity die casting method. Fig. 1 shows an exemplary design of a state-of-the-art low-pressure casting plant with the technical data given in Table 1. Based on the principle of the process (for a detailed description, see under Low-pressure gravity die casting process or the animation in Video 1), the use of dies whose main parting planes are horizontal is particularly appropriate. Structure

The casting table serves as a fixed fixing plate for the lower half of the die on the side where the downsprue is and is part of the closing unit. The upper, movable half of the die is fixed to the movable driving plate and is applied and removed by the hydraulic closing cylinder; it can be swiveled out from the system shown in Fig. 1 for cleaning and subsequent face coating. The casting is ejected from the upper die by the ejector mechanism and falls onto a table which can be swiveled between both halves of the mold. Today’s dies are usually mechanized and fitted with pneumatic or hydraulic mold closing and core pull units and also contain mold coolers (water or compressed air, spray cooling) and temperature sensors to record the die temperature. It is necessary to thoroughly prepare the molds for this process through cleaning and face coating. Moreover, in modern low-pressure casting machines, the upper mold fixing plate can also be swiveled (Fig. 2), considerably facilitating die cleaning and application of the face coating.


  • Clean, low-turbulence casting
  • High productivity thanks to high travel speeds
  • Production with multiple dies possible
  • Low-strain closing of the upper carriage even with asymmetrical tool arrangements
  • Optimum ergonomics for die cleaning
  • Ease of maintenance


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Video 1: Principle of the low-pressure gravity die casting process, animation by Les Fondeurs de France and CTIF






  • Fig. 1: State-of-the-art low-pressure casting plant from the LOW PRESSURE CASTER B series of Fill GmbH
  • Table 1: Technical data for the LOW PRESSURE CASTER B low-pressure casting plant from Fill GmbH (subject to technical modifications)
  • Fig. 2:  Low pressure caster from Fill GmbH with the upper mold fixing plate swiveled out
  • Fig. 3: Low pressure caster from Fill GmbH
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