Column Press

The classical hydraulic press for deburring in manual or automatic operation is available in any version as 3- or 4-column press.  It is characterized by a simple structure, stable, strong build guide columns and a proportional hydraulic control system. A large table opening ensures optimized scrap metal disposal. Our column presses use a Siemens S7 control unit with clear graphical user interface.

Optionally a lift able fourth pillar is available. In Fig. 1 and the Video (Aulbach Automation GmbH abk Pressenbau) shown press has following parameters:  

  • Type: 4-Column-Press
  • Press capacity: 982kN
  • Installation height: 1900mm
  • Stroke: 1300mm
  • Column passage: 1900x1200mm
  • Table size: 2500x1800mm
  • Table opening: 1500x700mm (customer-specification)
  • Table height - top: 1150mm
  • Total height: 5900mm
  • Fig. 1.  abk Trimming Presses SP19-100 Column Trimming Press with tool (Aulbach Automation GmbH abk Pressenbau)
Movie 1