Combicore Casting Cores

Metal cores that are filled with a refractory material and, as with the conventional core, form cavities in the cast part. These cores are characterized by a high degree of design freedom.

Combicore casting cores are extremely stable and can be used in all casting processes. For the first time cores can also be used reliably in light metal high pressure die casting with casting pressures over 1200 bar (Fig. 1, Combicore GmbH ). Combicore GmbH is the leading manufacturer of this type of cores for the HPDC industry.

Combicore casting cores create cooling channels and cavities for other functions in cast parts. In the automotive sector, cooling plates, converters, and battery housings as well as (electric) motors are typical applications (Fig. 2, Combicore GmbH).

Combicore is a shaped metal shell that is filled with a special molded material. After the casting process, the filling is completely removed. The metal casing remains in the component as a leak-free channel.

For the implementation of efficient duct geometries, designers have a great freedom of design. In this way, innovative, near-net-shape cast parts and very light components are created. This saves material and conserves resources also in later operations.

In the area of forming technologies, the company also processes empty tubes, wires and sheet metal and connects them to complex assemblies using suitable joining processes.
Sophisticated automation systems can handle very high production volumes and offer them at a very competitive price.

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  • Fig.1: Combicore casting cores are extremely stable and retain their shape even at casting pressures over 1200 bar. The photos show typical cores for cooling and oil channels, like electric motors, right (Image: Combicore GmbH)
  • Fig.2: Battery housing with a Combicore channel over 1500 mm long, cast in high pressure die casting (Image: Combicore GmbH)