Inspection certificate

This inspection document according to DIN EN 10204 issues the compliance with the order indicating the results of specific inspections carried out by thesupplier .

The current inspection certificate 3.1 corresponds to the previous inspection certificate 3.1.B. The purpose of the inspection certificate is to confirm the inspection documents by the manufacturer or by the manufacturer and an independentinspection representative.

It is mandatory that the inspections have been carried out on products supplied or on products of the inspection unit including the supplied products. The inspection unit is defined in the product standard, in official regulations and in the corresponding technical rules or in the order.

Under DIN EN 10204, inspection by the previous official inspector (former 3.1.A) or independent inspection by an expert commissioned by the purchaser (former 3.1.C) is covered by inspection certificate 3.2 (see Inspection document).

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Literature references:

DIN EN 10204, Metallic products - types of inspection documents, German version EN 10204:2004