Performance rate

The performance rate LG (see also performance factor) as characteristic value gives information on the production efficiency within the main operation time. In the performance rate according to eq. 1, the ratio of actual and target performance is illustrated and the definitions of performances and cycles times according to the equations 2 to 5 also show the performance rate as ratio of planned and actual cycle times:

Eq. 1:

Eq. 2:

Eq. 3:

Eq. 4:

Eq. 5:

The performace rate can be captured through process data and time registration software. The planned cycle time is determined in the FIF of the job planning. For each job, a planned cycle time in seconds and the planned quantity in the process cycle is specified. The actial cycle time can be determined in the FIF based on three different methods:

The captured cycle time indicates the actual cycle time in the process cycle if this is recorded in the FIF.