RTM – Resin Transfer Molding

Various processes can be used in the manufacture of molded parts made of fiber-reinforced plastics. In addition to infusion RIM (Resin Injection Molding), the so-called RTM – Resin Transfer Molding process can also be used to produce composite components. Polyurethane and epoxy resin-based materials are used in the RTM process.

Non-crimp fabric (preforms) is impregnated with resin material in the RTM process. In contrast to infusion, where a single-sided mold is used in combination with a vacuum device, the RTM process uses a closed mold. The preforms are inserted into these. This creates a clean surface on both sides of the component. Vacuum-assisted work also is generally carried out in this mold.

The metering system prepares the multi-component material and injects the material into the closed mold, the pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure. This increases the quality of the composite component, the surface quality in particular can reach the highest standards. Once the compound has cured, the component is removed from the mold and further processed.

  • Fig.: 1: Dosing system for RTM Process (DOPAG (UK) Ltd.)