It is a device for the display of spectra, which are a function of the wavelength or energy. The light intensity of the spectral lines is directly measured photometrical. The implementation of this type of spectral analysis is automated now and in the foundries for determining the chemical composition is state of the art. The basic structure of the spectrometer is shown in Fig. 1 (SPECTROMAXx, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments). Fig. 2 shows an embodiment of a spectrometer (SPECTROMAXx, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments). The video shows the operation of a spectrometer (SPECTRO Analytical Instruments).

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  • Fig 1: Schematic representation of a UV spectrometer (SPECTRO Analytical Instruments)
  • Fig 2: Stationary metal analyzer SPECTROMAXx (SPECTRO Analytical Instruments)
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