Outfeed process

Process for examining the solidification morphology.

Fig. 1 shows an outfeed process scheme. This process can be successfully used only with bodies of simple geometrical forms and with smoothly solidifying alloys. With all the other  exogenoussolidification types there is the danger that melt remains trapped between growing dendrites and is not outfed. In case of  endogenoussolidification types, solid parts are outfed. Not the liquid metal is tipped, but the metal which is movable under the influence of the weight. That is why the immovable metal remains, not the solid metal. An excavated “boundary surface” corresponds to the solid/liquid boundary surface during tipping only in case of purely smooth solidification (according to S. Engler and P. Reisener).


Romankiewicz, F., Ellerbrok, R., Engler, S.: "Einfluss einer Kornfeinung mit Zirconium auf Erstarrungsmorphologie, Speisungsvermögen und Festigkeitseigenschaften von Messing CuZn30 und Siliziummessing CuZn15Si4", Gießereiforschg. 39 (1987), no. 1, p. 25-33.

  • Fig. 1: Outfeed test Ausfließversuch (schematic), according to Romankiewicz et al. 1987