Separating agent

1. Separating agent for molding
The adhesive friction and sliding friction occurring when removing the patterns can be significantly reduced by using a separating agent. The separating agent (finely ground powder from calcite, chalk, precipitated lime, synthetic resins, starch or graphite, etc.) is applied to the permanent patterns prior to molding. Separating agents are in particular used as a solution for problems with removing resin-bound hardened mold sands such as shrink fitting the mold onto the pattern (core box).

2. Separating agent for permanent molds
Separating agent formulas on the basis of hydrous mixtures or oil emulsions to prevent the adhesion of castings to the metallic permanent mold, in particular for pressure die casting (s. Casting release agent). One of a leading supplier is Tribo-Chemie, Chem-Trend, Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH.


















  • Isolat in water (Tribo Chemie GmbH)